Squid Game 2021 Review

Squid Game (2021) Review: A Dark, Twisted, & heart throbbing Series

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Greed Leads to Sin and Sin Leads to Death or “Survival of the Fittest” After the release of a Korean series of nine episodes called Squid Game on September 17, there has been an uproar on social media.

One word statement from everyone, Netflix has brought one of their best series to the viewers, and the viewers have also expressed their love for the result, Squid game has now become the most popular or most watched show of all time in history of Netflix. What no one imagined was going to happen beyond the reach of Netflix itself. Australia, England, Germany, and 39 other countries are in the top ranking of series 6.

Today’s event is based on what is in this series full of thrill and suspense at every moment. Let’s start the video without delay, let’s see what Netflix has brought that has cut the hearts of movie lovers all over the world! Squid Game Download or watch on Netflix to enjoy a heart throbbing Series.

Squid Game Overview:

“Sin in greed, death in sin” or “Survival of the fittest”?
This is the main focal point of the squid game This squid game comes as the last chance in the lives of 458 people who are burdened with debt and are on the verge of losing to reality. The 9-episode series is centered around the game and the fragmentary story of the players’ lives.

The first 4 episodes of the series are great in a word Very fast-paced and entertaining The next 5 episodes are a little slow, emotional, and less exciting So after watching the first 4 episodes, you may not be interested in watching the 5th episode. However, there will be advised to see in the end Because, in the last episode, Peel will be shocked by the revelation of various mysteries.
This series is great as a time killer In every episode, “Ga creepy! What happens? What happens!” You will get the feeling of type 6 in this game, “Survival of the Fittest” applies to those who win, and “Sin to greed, death to sin.”

Squid Game Plot:

About 458 people in debt in Korean cities are allowed to play a game. If he wins, he will own 45 billion won. But a part of this game is a little wrong means death. The use of greed, communication, team, IQ, thrilling, power, intelligence, deception, everything must be known in equal measure or death. Is it so easy to win this trap of death by fighting 458 people?
There will be only one winner.

The straightforward twisting of the story has taken the story to another level. When we were little, we used to play different games of marble races. That game is shown here through suspense and twist. If you win here, you will get about 46 billion greed, violence, friendship, and disbelief. The series is amazing.

What kind of games do we play as children? Squid game is a survival game show that includes those childhood games. 48 people participated in this game. Most of them are financially indigent and in debt. They are told that those who win the game will be rewarded with a hefty sum. There are some rules of the game. Which are forbidden to be violated.

If there is any change in the rules, it will be eliminated. Which is death. The killing game of that episode started. Who or what survives the last century? If you want to watch the whole tour, watch this series of 9 episodes now. Squid Game Download now and watch on Netflix.

I would not call the series a mere survival drama. The series seemed like a huge metaphor to me. Throughout the series, people were addicted to killing for money. It seems to bear witness to the human subconscious mind. Towards the end, the “VIP” people are actually enjoying this killing game. They have no value for the lives of those ordinary people.

And this metaphor has highlighted the aggression of the imperialist powers toward the common people of the whole world.
At first, especially in the first 3 episodes, the structure of the story was beautiful. The latter progressed a little slower though. Even then, there was little chance of getting bored in the 9-episode series. Until the last minute, the interest in what happens in the killing game was intact.

The series is a beautiful combination of destructive human behavior and self-sacrifice. I like it a lot. This is the first Korean series I have seen. And the feeling was pleasant. Squid Game Download now and watch.


  • Name: Squid game
  • Creator: Dong-Hyuk Huang
  • Story Writer: Dong-Hyuk Huang
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama
  • Language: Korean
  • IMDB rating: 8.3 / 10 (this is the personal rating)
  • IMDB votes: 4,600
  • Season: 01
  • Episode: 9
  • The currently discussed Korean series squad game on Netflix!
  • Squid Game Download now and watch on Netflix.

There is a lot of magic in every character in the E-series. I was finishing the meeting last night, now it seems that the familiar faces are lost. Those who are movie lovers know that Korean movies or series are always palatable so this series is a must-watch for series lovers. Squid Game Download now and watch.

Here are some things to learn from Netflix’s ‘Squid Game’:

  1.  Some people in this world will win even if they lose.
  2.  Those whom you think are your own will not hesitate to do your greatest harm.
  3.  No one belongs to anyone when it comes to interests.
  4. Intelligence is the real thing, not the force of the body.
  5.  There is no equality anywhere in this world. Where you think equality is, inequality is more.
  6.  Everyone will appreciate you as long as you have needs. Everyone will leave you when the need arises.
  7.  The world is full of selfish people.
  8.  People love themselves the most.


Squid Game, a Korean Netflix series, has already caused a stir around the world. Money Heist’s popularity is surpassing that of Netflix’s highest view content.

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