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How is karagar part 2? Karagar part 2 Review

part 2 Karagar part 2 Review: When a prisoner appears in Akashnagar Central Jail’s Cell No.145 which was shut for 50 years, panic ensues amongst everyone. Who is this mystery man and what secrets does he hold inside him?

In the month of August, the entire Tollywood was shaken. He started streaming a Bengali web series, which spread by word of mouth, ‘Such a web series has never happened in Bengal before’. Gradually the popularity of ‘Karagar’ spread equally among both Bengals. Chanchal Chowdhury’s silent acting impressed audience of all ages.

The craze about this series and Chanchal was so much that it even got the attention of the Bangladesh Film Festival. People lined up for three-four hours to watch Chanchal starrer ‘Hawa’. The second part of that series is coming in ‘Hitachi’. Streaming starts on 22 December. But is this part as beautiful as the first part? Anandbazar online searched earlier.

The mystery was gathering in ‘Prison Part One’. Who is the prisoner of cell number 145? Is he really dumb? How come to prison? Has he really lived for 250 years? What is the story of Zeller Mostak’s son? Who is Maha’s father? Many questions were raised in the mind of the audience.

But this episode answers those questions. It’s not all that rosy. Maybe you will want to appreciate the screenplay after getting the answer, and you may think that it is not so cool after getting the answer. Again, not all the answers that you will get in the second part. Some threads remain loose even at the end of seven episodes.

Another complaint would be about some of the ‘subplots’ of the screenplay. While many sub-plots were carefully woven into the screenplay in the first episode, they are a bit neglected in this episode. Either that story didn’t go any further, or was settled somehow. As a result, the expectations of the audience may not be fulfilled.

However, ‘Prison Part Two’ will win the mind of the audience in two places. One, acting. Two, making. Even though many dialogues were added to Chanchal’s face this time, his eyes did not stop acting. Intekhab Dinar as Mostak or FS Naeem as Ashfaq or Tasnia Farin as Mahar in the earlier part also got a lot of praise. The characters of Jalad and Raju will be especially noticeable in this episode. The actors have a lot of credit for the huge popularity of this series.

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