Mother Boxes future in DCEU

Mother Boxes future in DCEU

Bring Superman to life and save Cyborg. I’m talking about Mother Box. The origin of this Mother Box Gluer has not been confirmed in the comics either. It can destroy and re-create. Although the mother box is the main thing in Justice League, many people did not know about the mother box.

Justice League: Ancient Prologues and Mother Boxes Explained:

The advent of the big screen Justice League was a sure thing as Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment’s lucky universe began to unfold. But as Marvel sees their heroes rallying against a single giant threat, the conversation immediately leans towards a threat derived from DC history that could do it. And you don’t have to look too far to see that the most obvious solution to bring together Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Acoman, The Flash and Cyberg was the forces of the cosmic nightmare Apocalypse and its leader Darksid.


Batman v Superman gave a lot of hints or complete proof that Darksid was on his way to Earth, but our time on the set of Justice League has removed a lot of our confusion. At first, Darksid may be on his way, but his general Steppenwolf will be in charge of the story. Not only that, but we now know that flashing apocalyptic technology at the Doctor of Justice was not just an Easter egg – but the first introduction to the items that would start the story of the Justice League.

The makers have promised a captivating prologue for the current plot, so those who can’t wait to hear what’s in store, or are running the story, need to do some homework on cosmic technology and read Justice League’s movie Ancient Prologue and Mother Boxes explained.

Although most of the movie is set at the present time, it is becoming more and more clear that the heroes of the Justice League are going to fight the enemy decade, even if it is not the century of creation. As such, the movie actually begins… well, at the beginning of the story – thousands of years ago. Filmmakers are still embracing the exact ‘event’ of prologues (thankfully), but what we do know is that: when the dust settles, the Amazonian and Old Gods (ancient Greek gods: Zeus, Artemis, etc.) decide that the planet And steps must be taken to protect the fate of his people.

At this time, it consisted of three separate empires: the Amazon, a tribe of omnipotent warriors, the Atlanteans, this time formed a brilliant civilization on the water, and mankind, embarked on a journey to this earth that we now know. According to earlier rumors, the ‘event’ that brought these three together was Darksid’s own attack on Earth. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

What we know from the actual producers is that the ancient gods, especially Zeus and the Amazon, determined that the mysterious cosmic ruins left by these invaders must be divided and handed over. To fans of DC Comics, which are best known as ‘Mother Boxes’

Three empires, three mother boxes:

The producers have highlighted the fact that these apocalyptic devices are “the best when working in threes”, so depending on which aspect of the Darkseed / Earth War you have read, it means they are the strongest, or most dangerous when joining. However, the Old Gods and their immortal followers decide that they should be kept separate: led by a hippopotamus (Connie Nielsen) to go to the Amazon, given to the ‘ancient king’ of Atlantis, and finally reach the first people (above) Rough illustration).

Thanks to Mother Box itself for some idea art, we know that listeners will have no problem deciding which mother box comes from which group. While we don’t know exactly what mother boxes look like in their natural shape, we do know that they once saw different differences and respected them – each with a reflection of their own technology, culture, and materials. For the Amazon, portrayed as the team’s ‘wildest’, the mother box after leather, feathers and battle-colored clothing is blood red, intricately decorated with colors and designs that hint at their metallic armor and classical style may not yet come as Amaz.

The Atlanteans probably assumed that the Mother Box was styled with crustaceans and decorated with the colors of their deep sea kingdom – just as the color and great designs of their armor and weapons made them resemble the Lord of the Rings Universe. In contrast, early people have mother boxes as rough and tough (though not without a sense of culture). People appear on the front wearing armor made of bones and animal skins, driver clubs, and crude metal weapons. And their bronze mother box is as durable and simple as their own primary culture

The impact that the gifts of these cultures have had on each culture is not something that filmmakers are discussing, but these details raise an important question: the fact that these mother boxes matched the future style of these people meant that the idea was merely art to reveal external cases for actual destruction. Do, or they design themselves each culture based on their art, craft, or the whole culture? Something needs to be done in the next few months.

What is a mother box?

Thanks, the question of ‘what is an apocalyptic mother box key’ is easy to answer because it’s basically something you want to be. That is, it is another world with impossible powers and knowledge, artificial intelligence and its users (usually a new God) can do whatever it asks for. There is a fantastic possibility that the film universe could never follow a clear explanation, simply referring to it as a part of alien technology that humans, Amazon, or Atlantis used only without realizing it.

Not necessarily for lack of effort. A mother box is even more understandable in science fiction: healing, providing knowledge and information that its users don’t have, carrying complex messages from one place to another, and in most cases allowing users to teleport them wherever they need it. ‘ Done using Boom Tubes’, a nickname applied thanks to hearing an opening. Of course, the description of those who think that fictional fiction fuels devices – which could be the real game-changer in a Justice League film – may be somewhat vague.

But to know what Mother Boxes are, you need to understand where they came from: The Fourth World of the DC Universe. Not a literal world, but another dimension, basically where there is the presence of people on a plane higher than our universe. A higher plane which means a plane near the source, from which all the energy and life of the universe is born.’ Mother boxes are basically transmitted to and from that source, which means they can act as artificially intelligent electronic devices but they are only as much a sign or totem of a mysterious, omnipotent being.

Now, think of throwing three of them into the world when civilizations are in their infancy, and nothing can be said about how much they can guide, advance, or harm the progress of the Amazon, the Atlanteans, and the Humans.

And in JL the mother box is not so much focused. But in ZSJL it is just the opposite. The mother box in ZSJL was in object form. I saw on JL Unlimited TV show mother box bomb tube means for teleport. But in addition to the mother box teleport, bringing Superman to life has also saved Cyborg.
And 1000 years ago Stephenwolf came to make the earth Apokolips. But the Old Gods did not allow that to happen. And Zeus 3 also separated the mother box, which shows how powerful the mother box is.

We will see more mother boxes in the future in the DC universe.

Bruce Wayne said the mother box was designed to reshape the planet. And even stronger than Superman’s planet.

Now, is the mother box as important as Infinity stones?
The way Zack Snyder showed the importance of the mother box in Justice League was right. But the point is that ZSJL is non-canon. And JL is canon. And the mother box in JL is not as important as ZSJL. Let’s see what role WB will give to this mother box in their projects!

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