Interstellar 2014 Movie Review and plots explained

In the world of science fiction movies, the name of Interstellar 2014 movie is on everyone’s lips. But none of us are familiar with the movie. The only purpose of making a movie is to make you think. Now I’m going to explain Interstellar Movie plots. You may have understood by watching the movie. But do you know the following under bellows?

Interstellar | November 7, 2014 (United States) Summary:
Countries: United States, United Kingdom, CanadaLanguages: English

In INTERSTELLAR 2014, There was a paradox in the movie. Maybe you didn’t think of that. Read at the end of the post! INTERSTELLAR 2014 movie deals with some topics that we do not understand very easily.

That is why many people say that this movie is not easy to understand. But, to understand a movie, you have to be an astrophysicist, no one will make a movie like that. Of course, there are some things that you need to study to understand. So, for the sake of a movie, if you want to know something, what’s wrong?

Let’s take a look at the basics or theories of an interstellar 2014 movie today that will make the movie much easier to understand.

Dystopian Future Interstellar 2014:

This can be noticed at the beginning of the movie. When the earth becomes uninhabitable, people search for other planets for survival. The tendency of people to try hard to survive by thinking about the future is the direction of a dystopian future. Usually, when the earth rises, storms and temperatures rise.

In this situation, people think about this dystopian future. The world was becoming uninhabitable in the movie Interstellar. That’s why the actor and others went in search of a new planet in the movie.

 Apollo missions in Interstellar 2014:

Everyone has read about Apollo’s mission in the book. The Apollo or Apollo mission is the mission that was carried out on the moon from 1981 to 1982.

Apollo Controversy Interstellar 2014:

Many people claim that the first step on the moon is fake. Various countries have called the matter fake and also told a false drama of NASA. Again, many think it’s true. This conflict was between Russia, Germany, and America. This is called the Apollo Controversy.

Morse code:

Morse code is a sign language of communication. It was discovered in 1837 by an American scientist named Samuel Morse. Communicate by creating a language with a dot (.), Dash (-), and space ().

Such as: -. _ = A, _. . . = B and .. = C, etc. Morse readers can communicate with each other by creating Morse signals through sound, light or clicks, etc. This method was previously used for communication. Yet it is seen to be used in various instruments. The Morse code was the signal given by the ticking of the clock in the movie Interstellar.


We call this matter in the language of the village. This is a ghostly figure which is called Noisy Ghost or Disturbing Object in English. Physical disturbance of the object i.e.

creates positional problems of the object. It moves things from one place in the house to another, flipping them upside down. In reality, though it does not exist. In the movie, the actor’s daughter thought there were ghosts in her house. That was the definition of that ghost, that was Poultrygeist.

Binary Code on Interstellar 2014:

Do you need to teach binary code at this age? Everyone knows about it. All kinds of digital devices we use in the world, all coded in binary. Binary code is a method of data coding and decoding that is created with 0 and 1!

Letter -ASCII – Code Binary


A – 065 – 01000001

B – 066 – 01000010

C – 067 – 01000011

D – 068 – 01000100

In this way everything up to A-Z and 0-9 can be expressed through binary and information can be exchanged between each other. You will be surprised to know that computers, phones, laptops, all kinds of devices only know no language other than 0 and 1. Interesting… Right?

Geographic Co-ordination:

These are called coordinates. When using Google Maps, they appear next to the map. For example, the coordinates of a position in Dhaka city are Latitude: 23.777176, Longitude: 90.399452. The actor in the movie goes to NASA after getting this coordinate

Type Latitude: 23.777176, Longitude: 90.399452 and do a Google search. You will see the location of New York.

Black Hole:

The combination of space and time in space creates a gravity where nothing can get in and out. The light can’t come out. Such a strong attraction. If you search in search engines about it, you will find many articles. read more from NASA

Project Endurance & Rangers

Project Endurance in the movie is part of the failed Rangers mission ten years ago! And the name of the 12 spacecraft that will be attached to the main station has also been given endurance! Earlier in Project Rangers, 12 astronauts in 12 spacecraft went into space to find habitable planets from were Miller, Edmund, and Man sent data to Earth! We see these things in the first part of the movie.

Wormhole and Lightspeed:

We take shortcuts from one place to another for short periods of time. Similarly, space is billions of miles away from one place to another. If you can go there at the speed of light, then it is possible to go fast.

This is Lightspeed. And the wormhole is the shortcut road. I can go to Konkani without going around. Similarly, using such a shortcut in space is called a wormhole. Wormholes were used in the movie to move from one planet to another to save time. It’s a bit like a galaxy.

Human Transportation on Interstellar 2014: Transfer of life to a new planet.

Plan A = Harness Gravity:

If the equations of gravity can be found, then it is possible to use that equation to make big spaceships and send the people of the earth in them to save everyone on the earth. But to go against gravity requires all the complex quantum equations. And then people can be sent in a spacecraft against gravity.

Plan B = Population Bomb:

5,000 Fertilized Human Embryos have been saved from different countries. They will take these and establish a human colony on another planet in 30 years.

Planet timeline:

1 hour on one planet 6 years or 10 years or 12 years on another planet. This can be considered as a timeline. However, once you spend time on a planet, it will never be found again. They spent extra time on this timeline on the planet Millers in the movie.

Dimensions in Interstellar 2014:

We are all familiar with 3D. Which is called the third dimension. In this state, we experience or see 3 aspects of any object. That is length, width, and height. But the 4th and 5th dimensions are also shown in this movie which are Time and Gravity respectively.

4th Dimension:

It is a game of time. If time could be imposed on objects in the universe, such as length, width, and height, then it would be the 4th dimension. Now your question may be what is the relation of the object with time?

Suppose you have 10 rupees. He gave it to me. I gave it to someone else. He gave it to someone else again. Now you want to know when this 10 USD has been given to whom. If you want to know when given = time. In this case, you put the time in the third dimension of space.

5th Dimension:

Now if I impose gravity over time. So? Then you can see when, where, and under what circumstances I gave 10 rupees to whom.

In the same movie, Cooper went to Tesseract to see his daughter in millions of different ages. Anytime and anywhere. (This is how Cooper supplied quantum data to his daughter)

The gravity of only the 5th dimension is above all dimensions. In the 5th dimension, all the previous dimensions also exist.

Murphy’s Law:

This formula was invented by a man named Murphy. Usually the possibility of something bad happening and calling it Murphy’s Law.

Space Gravitational Singularity:

This is the most extraordinary thing in the movie. This is the 5th dimension. There are some places in the universe where the gravitational force of the planet is infinite.

Its gravity will depend on the size of the planet. For example, the larger the planet or object, the greater its gravitational pull. But if there is gravitational singularity then the force of gravity there will be infinite.

Gravity is made infinite by making a tesseract in the middle of the black hole. That means there is a 5th dimension inside the black hole. And as I said before.

Having the 5th dimension means 4/3/2/1 will also have all dimensions. In this way, anyone can see the position of anyone from the 5th dimension to the 3rd dimension and can also give a signal. Can provide information and exchange if desired.

Interstellar 2014 movie, Cooper, however, sent quantum data with Morse code to his daughter’s clock-cutting signal while she was in the 5th dimension.

Gravitational Slingshot (Assist) Interstellar 2014:

Gravitational slingshot is the use of the gravitational force of another planet. It’s a lot like attracting iron with a magnet.


I have already said about black holes. The condition inside the black hole can be compared to that of Tesseract. In this case, there are 5 dimensions and 3 dimensions together. That means there are both present and future.

I have already said above about this. Basically, the 5th dimension is in Tesseract. You can see as many positions of any object as you want in Tesseract. Cooper watched his daughter’s millions. This was Tesseract.

Space Habitat Interstellar 2014:

Understand satellite? Such a moon is a satellite. Because it revolves around our planet. Similarly, if a space station or spacecraft revolves around a planet, that state is called space habitat. At the end of the movie, the human race took itself to an artificial planet. Because the earth had become uninhabitable by then. The last artificial planet is Tie Space Habitat.

The paradox on Interstellar 2014

Did you notice, there was a paradox in the movie Interstellar. When Cooper was at Tesseract, in the 5th dimension, he realized that they thought there were black holes in space, and that Tesseract may have created an advanced civilization (alien).

But the surprising thing is that all these were made by modern human civilization. That means their new generation. Their new generation got quantum data of nature-gravity. So they made these for the previous generation so that they could get quantum information.

The paradox is that the lives of future generations were threatened because of the quantum information that Cooper sent to Cooper’s daughter in the past to protect their previous generation. If their lives were in danger, how were they born? Since human civilization was on the verge of destruction.

And if they (the people of the future) have got quantum information = they are still safe. Since they are alive, that’s why they got quantum data. If they survive, why are they trying to save their predecessors?

From this, it is understood that this is also a casual loop. The whole movie is probably a paradox that has no origin point.

Completely personal opinion this is mine Interstellar 2014.

Something about the Interstellar 2014 movie

Now let’s say something about the movie. Look, I’ll say one thing first. Since the movie is science fiction, most of the things in the movie are just ideas. What is shown in this movie is just a human idea.

Scientific theory. To date, these theories have not been proven and it is doubtful whether they will be. So, watching the movie you may not learn anything, but there is a lot to understand and know that will make you think!!

Sorry if there is a mistake. I am neither a scientist nor a critic. I wrote the whole thing out of personal inexperience and after learning about various things from time to time.

Maybe many things are wrong. So, if there is a mistake, you will hand it over very politely. And if you want to prove yourself as an omniscient in the comments, please avoid it. You don’t have to learn anything.

Disclaimer: We just reviewed the Interstellar 2014 movie and shared the cast, we should save the film industry. In that case, we must watch the movie to go to the cinema. Thank you so much for being with us.

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