COHERENCE 2013 Movie Explanation & Reviews

COHERENCE 2013 Movie Explanation & Reviews

Nowadays, after watching Coherence 2013 movie, the name, director and 2-line story can be reviewed. So I am not willing to give such a review, I will go straight to the explanation!

Here is a small idea about the Coherence 2013 Movie plot

A dinner party. About 8 friends. Had a dinner party. At this point, they learned that a comet had already passed through their area. Everyone was laughing and joking about the comet. In this case, the electricity goes off. There is no electricity in their whole area.

However, electricity can be seen in a distant house. Two of the friends went there to check. But he came back and gave a strange description. He said that those who were in that house were the same. I mean, a copy of them at home. Home like them, they are inside, they are partying there. If they party there, who are the people who are just in another house? In this way, there are many copies of them.

What is the reason for this? Why so many copies of them? How did this happen? Is everything possible?

Coherence 2013 Movie Spoiler Explanation

Questions and questions! No answer. It’s like disbelief. But what actually happened in this movie and what was the finishing? The movie ends when a phone call comes to Mike at the finish. So what was shown in the Coherence 2013 movie?
Yes, that’s what I’m saying. The first thing to ask is “Have you seen the movie Donnie Darko (2001)?”. If you haven’t seen this movie, I’ll have to try a little harder to convince you. Assuming you have seen. It is the second most discussed and critically acclaimed movie in Hollywood history. A small concept of this movie will be useful in Coherence 2013 movie. That is “Tangent Universe and Multiverse”.
The tangent is the exact copy. I mean same to same copy which many call parallel. If you have read The Philosophy Of Time Travel (the book in the Donnie Darko movie only exists in the movie), then you are familiar with these things.
The Tangent Universe is exactly the parent, meaning a copy of our Universe, which is created when there is a disturbance in the 4th dimension of time. The funny thing is, whatever happens in the parent universe, it will happen in this universe as well. But if any kind of exception happens, the tangent universe will be destroyed, along with a black hole will be created, it will be absorbed in the parent universe and the black hole.
But the Multiverse Universe is a bit different. Even if it is a copy of the parent universe, everything here will happen at the will of the person or object in that universe. Suppose there is FIFA football in the parent universe, then there will be FIFA in billions of universes in the multiverse universe. But everyone’s score will be different. Please note that I like the 3rd pic of my post.
A beanie but turned out to be a line. But its heads are divided into 3 parts and spread out arbitrarily in 3 directions. Here is another example! Turn on the laser light. You will feel that Chikon is going to have a slender light. But if you zoom in on this tiny light, you can see that thousands of light lines are radiating. The source is the same.
This means that they are created from the parent universe. Exactly this one grouping or cohesive state is Coherence (if you want to explain it easily).
★ Thousands of houses have been created in the same house. This is because some space in the Universe has become multifunctional due to a time-lapse or a problem while going to the comet.
★ Thousands of houses have been created in the same house.
This is because some space in the Universe has become multifunctional due to a time-lapse or a problem while going to the comet. I mean there have been many copies. And they are without calculation. But many people have given explanations for the movie in many ways.
Many people have explained the different entities of the movie 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6 in this way. But I thought a lot, where are the thousands of copies of them and how do you know when a copy is being shown? And if you understand that E showed 5-6 copies, then how can it not accept that there were only 5-6 copies of E?: / So again, you don’t mark 1, 2, 3 like this. Because there are copies without calculations (although it is not possible to show so many in the movie, you have to understand)
Let us now understand why Coherence 2013 such a copy was made. But will there be such a copy for life?
Answer: No! How? Guys.
→ In the movie Donnie Darko, Donnie was repeatedly told that “the world will be destroyed in just 28 days.” In fact, it did not talk about the destruction of the parent universe. It has been said that the tangent universe = temporary/parallel universe will be destroyed after 28 days.
Because, after some time, the Tangent Universe is ruined. Similarly, in the Coherence movie, the replicas or layers or copies will go away as soon as the comet is finished. To understand this, see Pick No. 2. Will gradually fade away with time. Hope you understand.
Now come to the finishing Coherence 2013 Movie. The ending shows a phone call to Kevin, then the movie ends after Kevin looks at Emily. What does this mean?
Let’s talk about Emily first. He was suffering from depression from the beginning. Kenya had an illicit affair with her boyfriend/husband Kevin and a daughter named Laurie. That girl also came to that party. That is why he is unhappy.
Emily, one of the thousands of copies, came out. Suddenly they see another house with electricity. Oh, it’s better to say that having electricity means it’s part of the parent universe. So copy Emily goes to the house where the electricity is and everyone is smiling and she is very happy with her husband/boyfriend Mike and her original copy.
That’s why he decided to kill the real Emily and take her place. She kills him unconscious and leaves him in the bathtub. Then he himself became unconscious in fear. He woke up in the morning and saw that everything was normal. That means the comet is gone. And when Kevin got the call, he looked at Emily’s heart, which means that the real Emily is alive and Kevin gave the call.
So what happened to the finishing Coherence 2013? Two Emily in Parent Universe. How is it?

If an object coming from outside the quantum mechanism in the tangent universe is a living receiver, it will remain in the parent as it was if it did not change before the end of the universe. (Living Receiver if the parallel universe and parent universe objects are in the same place together and have similarities or relationships between them). That means he is a source of that connection.

Some aspects of the Coherence 2013 movie should be noted!

→ Breaking the phone’s screen in the movie = Entering a different universe = Dark Zone.

→ Having electricity = original. Lack of electricity = copy

→ Humorous = Original. Argument, frustration = copy

→ Having red, and blue plastic in hand means = all copies.

I don’t know if you understood the Coherence 2013 movie, if you don’t understand, watch the movie again. Read my explanation again. I don’t think anyone can explain it in a simpler language! People are just wrong.

I could be wrong. But I have tried my best to be my own knowledge. You will give the rest of the opinion. Please let me know if you like or understand this explanation. I will appear in the future with an explanation of another movie. Thanks

That explanation of Coherence 2013 was written entirely out of my personal inexperience. So please do your research very politely before anyone makes a mistake. Thank you

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