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Circle (2015) Movie Review & Explanation

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Refined explanation

The Circle 2015 movie could be a great example of one of the sci-fi genres released in Hollywood in 2015. Of course, this is a pure suspense drama sci-fi thriller movie, no less. At the same time, with great direction, cinematography, story, and concept, all together it can be a combo package for a real movie lover.

  • Movie Info
  • Movie: Circle 2015
  • genre: Drama, sci-fi, thriller
  • Industry: Hollywood
  • IMDb rate: 8/10
  • Personal rate: 7.8 / 10
  • Circle 2015 Movie Release date: October 16, 2015 (United States)
  • Circle 2015 Movie Budget $250,000 (estimated)
  • Circle 2015 Movie Online Watch On NetFlix

The Circle 2015 movie Official Trailer 

Circle 2015 Movie The story is special

The movie begins with 50 human beings trapped in darkness. Everyone is standing unconscious in a certain place. Everyone has a specific place in a circle. Everyone is standing around a round object. One by one everyone’s knowledge comes. Everyone discovers themselves in an unknown place. Unfortunately, no one can remember how they got into this confined space.

Meanwhile, when they move a point from their place, a ray from that round object hits them and they die. As soon as it is not seen, after 2 minutes, one by one, they are dying automatically. No one knows who will die after whom. There are only 2 minutes in hand. With 50 people, one person after another has 2 minutes to die. Then 50 * 2 = 100 minutes is in everyone’s hands.

Everyone has been panicking for so long. At one stage it was seen that they could shake hands and vote for each other. Whoever gets the most votes dies first. A great and horrible thing.

In an instant, everyone understood which game it was. No game is being played by them. But who is playing? Why this death game? Where does it end? How will this happen? Have an idea?

Those things are enough to attract you to the movie. We’ll go straight to the explanation and try to understand why this was done in the movie and who did it!

Circle 2015 Movie Review Explanation

In the movie, we find out that they think aliens are experimenting on people. Why he is doing it is unknown. Basically, this is the main point of explanation.

Was it really an alien?

Answer: In my opinion, there were no aliens. First, think about the concept of the movie. Such a smart concept, will you put aliens there and tell about aliens in the movie? Isn’t that ridiculous?

If not aliens, then what was?

Answer: If I’m not mistaken and if I think smartly like the Circle 2015 Movie, then I would say that the UFOs that are shown in the movie were an advanced human civilization from the future who came to test the previous generation of time travelers.

They wanted to see how their predecessors used their intelligence in the past.

If we take a look at the movie, we can see that people are voting to kill each other in order to survive. It is a crime to kill. Advanced civilizations want to see about human behavior. He wanted to see how far people could go down to save themselves from danger. In this way, one by one, the survivors remain. Many are seen at the end of the movie, they are also the Same Survivors, who have survived alone.

Again, if you think that the UFOs were aliens and the works were done by aliens, then there is no problem. Because of Elite. It could also be assumed that ‘aliens have carried out this death experiment on humans because they are willing to learn about human behavior.

That’s it. The ending is a little confusing. But quite enjoyable. Suspense lovers can easily add this movie to your watch list.

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